The 1st Congress on Research in Sciences of Physical Activity and Sport 2019 has been closed.

It is a scientific and multidisciplinary event, where researchers can present their results.

The congress promotes knowledge through the publication of its abstracts, promotes culture with interesting visits, presents and awards.

Remember, if you are a private individual, the initial amount of the donation of less than 150 euros that you make must be deducted, that is, deduct 75%, resulting in a final amount more affordable. For example, a congress attendee, who is a student, whose initial donation amount is 55 euros, we can see in the table that its real cost is only 13.75 euros.

Initial donation amountDeduction 75%*Real cost
Assistants (students)55 euros41,25 euros13,75 euros
Assistants 70 euros52,50 euros17,50 euros
(inscribed Amorós Awards 2018)
65 euros48,75 euros16,25 euros
Authors (students)110 euros82,50 euros27,50 euros
Authors125 euros93,75 euros31,25 euros

* In order to receive this refund from Hacienda you need to make of the income tax declaration in Spain. If you have any questions about
the legislation of the donations to our Foundation you can consult the tab of Donations or write us an email.


The works of the Congress will be validated by this Scientific Committee, formed by doctors who research or they exercise teaching in the field of Sciences of Physical Activity and Sports.