Saturday, April 18

09:00h: Identification
09:15h: Conferences Opening
09:30h: Compitiendo a 100 metros por segundo. D. Juan Velarde Catolfi-Salvoni
10:30h: Pasión y propósito. D. Ignacio Dean Mouliaá
11:30h:  Coffee break
12:00h: Trayectoria deportiva y académica de Arturo Casado. Dr. Arturo Casado Alda
13:00h: Especialistas de cine siempre al límite. D. Ángel Plana Cantón
14:00h: Conferences Closing

The conferences will be developed by lecturers experts in their field and their themes will revolve around any sporting phenomenon. We remind you that this activity does not support changes neither cancellations, except if the event itself is canceled permanently. This will be the only cause of return of the donation effected.